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Principles for Establishing a Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice

This new guide was written by leading researchers, educators, medical directors and practitioners. It pulls together and places in context the basic tenets that should be a part of every Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice.

Inside you’ll find the following chapters:

  • Population Health Needs Assessment
  • Program Taxonomy
  • Infrastructure and People
  • Competencies and Education
  • Clinical Leadership and Medical Oversight
  • Financial Considerations
  • Legal and Political Considerations
  • Health IT
  • Program Evaluation

Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care (JCREC) National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health State Perspectives Discussion Paper on Development of Community Paramedic Programs
In 2010, the JCREC developed "Improving Access to EMS and Health Care in Rural Communities: A Strategic Plan"1 which was approved by both Associations. This discussion paper is intended to further the community paramedicine elements of that Strategic Plan.

Vision Statement on Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) & Community Paramedicine (CP)
Joint position paper from NAEMT, NASEMSO, NAEMSP, NAEMSE, ACEP, NEMSMA, AAA, North Central EMS Institute, ACCT, IAED, The Paramedic Foundation.

NFPA National Stakeholders Meeting on Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine Report
Position paper from the National Fire Protection Agency regarding fire service support for Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine programs.

A National Agenda for Community Paramedicine Research

Report from session to inform the development of a national agenda for research on community paramedicine (CP). This report presents the findings from that session, including research-related content and comments offered throughout the two-day meeting.

NASEMSO Community Paramedicine State Enabling Legislation Status as of October 2013
Results of survey conducted by the National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials illustrating which states allow Community Paramedicine programs and which states will require legislative changes to enable such programs in the future.
Mobile Integrated Healthcare Practice: A Healthcare Delivery Strategy to Improve Access, Outcomes, and Value
Identifies the core features essential to a comprehensive and accountable MIHP program and establishes logic model and practice performance dimensions.

ASTHO Legal & Policy Report - Expanding the Roles of Emergency Medical Services Providers: A Legal Analysis
In addition to identifying core issues that may impede activities of health professionals in routine community paramedicine (CP) or mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) activities, this report examines potential law and policy best practices, options, or solutions, based in part on research of specific jurisdictions selected in collaboration with ASTHO and its advisory group.

National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine: Summary of an Expert Meeting
The North Central EMS Institute, in collaboration with the JCREC, convened a National Consensus Conference on Community Paramedicine on October 1 and 2, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting was sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose was to identify areas of consensus on important policy and practice issues and to clarify the role of research in advancing Community Paramedicine. Meeting goals included encouraging wider adoption of CP, networking among interested stakeholders, sharing best practices, and setting an agenda to further the field nationally.

Health Resources Service Administration – Community Paramedicine Evaluation Tool
HRSA, a division of the Department of Health & Human Services, recently published an evaluation tool that is very helpful for developed community paramedicine programs to perform a self-assessment. It is also very helpful for groups still in the planning phases hoping to develop and implement community paramedicine programs.

The Role of EMS in Community Paramedicine
Article published in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), April 2013.

Shifting Boundaries in Health Care
Article published in the American Journal of Nursing, February 2012. Scope of practice is at the center of the discussion.



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