The Bloominghill Group is so much more than a consulting company - we are your strategic partner. Whether you just need a little help pointing your business or agency in the right direction, or identifying a problem which you know is there but can’t quite put your finger on, we work with each of our clients individually to develop customized programs focused on achieving stated enterprise objectives, in turn leading to greater buy-in and adoption from stakeholders, measurable value to your organization, and enhanced value in your community.

Allison J. Bloom
CEO / Founding Partner 

Ms. Bloom is a coach, consultant, attorney and educator with nearly 30 years’ experience working with Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Fire agencies, a pharmaceutical company, and small to mid-sized businesses. Focused on the intersections of law, business and technology with an emphasis on the strategic approaches to the business of healthcare, Allison’s experience is concentrated around legal and regulatory compliance, ethics, information governance, e-discovery, technology and business management in a variety of industries. She is a nationally-recognized author of articles on legal liability, health care reform, compliance, and risk management topics, and a sought-after speaker on healthcare, business governance and compliance topics. A former EMS Chief and Training Officer, she is currently certified as an EMT and an EMS-Instructor in her home state of Connecticut.


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