EMS Education Program Policy Manual

EMS Education Program Policy Manual is a risk management tool designed to add value and quality to your EMS Education program.


The completely customizable Policy Manual template comes complete with:

  • An Introduction Letter to prospective EMS Education Program students
  • Advice for students on how to be successful learners
  • The Program Policy Manual – consisting of nearly 30 pages of policies which you can completely customize for your specific program!
  • Detailed instructions for customizing the Policy Manual for your program
  • Sample Forms and Worksheets, including:  Clinical Observation documentation forms and contracts; Program and Clinical Evaluation forms; Contracts for use with students, faculty and staff 


Overview and Class Rules

Attendance; class cancellations; confidentiality; dress code; use of cell phones and recording devices; emergency responses during class; students with disabilities; discrimination; cheating; discipline; complaints and grievances


Student injury; weapons; anti-violence; harassment and hazing; smoking; use of drugs and alcohol; relationships between faculty and students

Eligibility Requirements

Federal Health Care Program exclusion; criminal charges and convictions

Course Requirements

CPR certification; reading and homework; exams and quizzes; practical labs and examinations; successful course completion

Clinical Observation

Clinical observation requirements and dress code

After the Class

Certification testing; continuing education; responsibility to students after the course

Completely Customizable and Easy to Use, the EMS Education Program Policy Manual can be used as a “stand-alone” document, or as a supplement to existing college or university student handbooks.

Simple “fill-in” fields to enter your program’s information
Add, edit or remove language, policies or sections to tailor to your specific program

Purchase price is $249    

Written by Allison Bloom, an EMS educator, attorney and consultant with nearly 30 years’ experience working with EMS and Fire agencies and education programs, the EMS Education Program Policy Manual template is an invaluable tool for every EMS education program.


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