The Bloominghill Group provides a wide range of products and services specifically concentrated around healthcare reform, legal liability, compliance, and risk management best practices - including unique, individualized coaching services - all designed to help your business or agency deliver better quality and value to your patients, stakeholders, and community.



If your particular situation requires traditional consulting services, The Bloominghill Group can help! Our team includes consultants with backgrounds and experience in healthcare, legal, technology, information governance, and business operations. Examples of services we provide include:

  • Consulting
    Mobile Integrated Healthcare / Community Paramedicine Program Development
  • Population Health Program Development
  • Policy Manuals
    Governance and Organizational Restructuring
    Legal and Regulatory Compliance Program Development and Training
    Compliance and Risk Assessments and Audits
    Information Governance (IG) and Retention Compliance Program Development
    Training Program Development, Design, Implementation and Delivery
    Speaking and Presenting
    Onsite and Virtual Training
    Governance and Organizational Assessments and Restructuring
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance Program Development and Training
  • Operational Compliance and Risk Assessments and Audits
  • Information Governance (IG) and Records Retention Compliance Program Development
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews and Development, including Policy Manuals
  • Training Program Development, Design, Implementation and Delivery
  • Technology Implementation
  • Systems Design
  • And MUCH more!



If you just need a little help pointing your business or agency in the right direction, or identifying a problem which you know is there, but can’t quite put your finger on, then The Bloominghill Group's unique brand of individualized coaching services if for you.

Designed to be a more cost-effective and cost-conscious solution than more traditional, higher-priced consultants, our coaching services are based on a formula which we believe achieves better and more lasting results for your business or organization.

Our coaches will help you identify the problems in your business, then empower you with the tools and support you need to fix it yourself, all while serving as your advisor, cheerleader, sounding board, and backstop, and holding you accountable for deadlines and targeted benchmarks to keep you and your project on track. We have found that this approach generally produces greater buy-in and support from your staff, stakeholders and community, with longer-lasting positive results.


Training and Education

The Bloominghill Group provides a wide variety of lectures, training and eduational sessions for your next seminar, conference, in-service or educational program. Click here to view some of our current offerings. We can also develop customized sessions or topics upon request.   


Supplemental Products

    Our supplemental products can be used for do-it-yourself projects, or in conjunction with our coaching and consulting services. Click here to view our catalog of supplemental products.


    All of The Bloominghill Group's services can be provided onsite or virtually, including our coaching, consulting and educational services for healthcare businesses, organizations, agencies and professionals.  


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